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Human Development Company Celebrates its 45th Anniversary

Louisville, KY – February 25, 2023 – Human Development Company INC., the first Employee Assistance Program in Kentucky celebrates its 45th anniversary. Established in 1978, HDC was created and founded by Dr. George Perkins. Dr. Perkins created a business that met the needs of company clients and created a space that encouraged clients to explore ways to find success in their personal and professional lives. Dr. Perkins’ initiative is a foundational pillar of HDC that continues to support and carry the business forward. Through the years, HDC and its staff have provided unparalleled services and solutions to companies across the nation. This year we celebrate the community partners who’ve supported our mission of enhancing the quality of life for employees and their employers.


Our Gratitude to Customers, Providers, and Partners

Over the years, Human Development Company has encountered deeply invested employers who strive to create healthy environments for their employees to help drive business success. HDC has enjoyed working with different organizations across the nation. HDC’s Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Lee, LCSW shares his perspective on the population we serve and his gratitude, “Whether you have been with us for one day or forty-five years, we are truly grateful for the relationship we have established together. You are essential to why we do what we do and how we continue to grow. Together, we will develop and explore new opportunities for future success.”


HDC is grateful to the counselors within our provider network (a network consisting of more than 2,300 counselors nationwide). These professionals have helped employees and their families grow and prosper in their work as well as their personal lives. Our providers deliver quality services to our customers, their employees, and their families. HDC has enjoyed working with these providers over the past 45 years and looks forward to strengthening these relationships in the upcoming years. Human Development Company’s business strategy is to provide unparalleled solutions and prompt responses to our customers through professional partnerships. HDC has developed strong partnerships with attorneys, human resource groups, trainers, coaches, and more. Our partners allow us to provide top-quality resources and services to our customers which allows us to help address their needs and their employees.


Events and Celebrations

To celebrate 45 years in business, Human Development Company has planned events with employees, customers, and the community. These include free cultural diversity training for our customers, forty-five hours of public service to our community, and more. Visit our website to find out more.


About Human Development Company

Human Development Company has provided EAP counseling and referral services, professional Consulting, and customized training to enhance the overall well-being of organizations' most valuable asset - their employees. We operate as an external and independent consultant, developing customized service packages for each company's unique culture. All services are provided with a prompt response and unparalleled solutions designed to reduce absenteeism, control health benefit costs, and retain skilled personnel. We partner with human resources and management to increase productivity and improve your organization's overall work/life balance.

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