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EAP Orientation


Employee Orientation

Everyone experiences personal issues from time to time, and these difficulties have the potential to affect us negatively – both at home and at work. An Employee Orientation (approximately 15-20 minutes) is designed to acquaint employees with the Employee Assistance Program, including services, confidentially, hours and locations.  

Supervisor Orientation

Supervisors are in the best position to notice changes in their employees' behavior and productivity. Early identification of symptoms and referral to Human Development Company can improve job performance, job satisfaction and help retain valued employees. We will discuss recognizing when an employee may be struggling and how to make a referral to EAP. In addition, we will talk about the reasons supervisors may hesitate to confront performance issues and the best practices for ensuring a positive outcome for both the employee and the organization. Learn how to leverage the powerful resource that is your Employee Assistance Provider.

Online Orientation

Some organizations find it helpful for their employees to gain knowledge of the Employee Assistance Program services from the start of employment or anytime 24/7/365. Click here to access our online orientations.

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