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Emotional Intelligence Coaching (EIC) Programs


Emotional Intelligence

Research has shown that (EI) Emotional Intelligence, EQ as it is often called, is a better predictor of success than "IQ." Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize your and others' emotions to achieve the desired outcome. The emotionally intelligent person exhibits such competencies as accurate self-assessment, self-control, empathy, and influence.

Emotional Intelligence Individual Coaching Program


Emotional Intelligence Coaching is a 6-12 month program designed to help employees develop skills that make conflict work for the organization as opposed to against it. The process begins with the (ESCI) Emotional and Social Competency Inventory, the 360° survey which polls the individual's peers, direct reports, supervisors, etc., to determine others' perceptions of how he/she interacts with the team. 


Utilizing this simple but powerful assessment tool, it is now possible to measure an individual's total EI and a wide variety of content sub-scales including their levels of emotional self-awareness, adaptability, self-control, empathy, organizational awareness, conflict management, and teamwork. This information can then be used to target coaching and development to raise their effectiveness in the areas that will contribute the most to their success.

The Measurement of Emotional Intelligence


The Emotional and Social Competency Inventory is a 360° instrument that assesses twelve emotional competencies corresponding with the emotional intelligence model introduced in Daniel Goleman's Working with Emotional Intelligence. The inventory accommodates an unlimited number of raters (self, peers, bosses, employees) when it is administered via the internet, and written comments are also included. The report generated provides precise and focused feedback about individual strengths and areas for improvement and also indicates the specific emotional competencies where development is needed.

The Emotional Intelligence Competence Model


The Hay/McBer competence model comprises twelve competencies organized into four clusters. Emotional competency is a learned capability based on emotional intelligence that contributes to effective performance at work.


          Emotional Self-Awareness


      Social Awareness


          Organizational Awareness



          Achievement Orientation


          Emotional Self-Control

          Positive Outlook


      Relationship Management

          Conflict Management

          Coach and Mentor


          Inspirational Leadership


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