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Leadership Development Training


Teambuilding: Customized Sessions for Unique Teams

Is professional courtesy between your team members non-existent? Has productivity and innovation – never mind fun – come to a screeching halt as a result? Or does your team simply need a reminder of how great it is to work with one another? Let our training experts develop a team-building session customized to meet the needs of your unique group that can be offered as a stand-alone event or part of a multiple-day retreat. Thought-provoking and fast-paced, our workshops are tailored to accomplish your desired objectives, delivering an experience that is as entertaining as it is informative and effective.

Qualities of an Effective Supervisor

Becoming a supervisor can be an exciting and intimidating proposition. Our training brings best practices and a better understanding of the qualities one needs to be an effective supervisor. Appropriate for new and more seasoned supervisors, this workshop provides participants with an opportunity to explore their strengths and opportunities for development around decision making, professionalism, conflict resolution strategies, and communication styles.

Emotional Intelligence

Research has shown that emotional intelligence (EQ as it is often called) is a better predictor of success than "IQ". The emotionally intelligent person exhibits such competencies as accurate self-assessment, self-control, empathy, and influence. Participants in this workshop will have an opportunity to test their EQ and learn what they can do to improve their personal and social competence for better opportunities at work and at home.

Increasing Employee Motivation and Productivity

Are your employees feeling overworked and underappreciated? Is low morale wreaking havoc on productivity? Learn what keeps employees motivated along with effective ways in which to bolster the team and breathe new energy and creativity into the group. Consider such factors as whether or not extrinsic versus intrinsic motivation are more effective. Attendees will also learn skills such as helping their employees overcome procrastination and moving them out of their "comfort zone" in order to make their responsibilities more challenging and, therefore, more exciting.

Managing a Troubled Employee

Are an employee’s personal or professional struggles consuming your day? Learn how to show empathy for your employees while keeping their issues from becoming a problem for your organization. This workshop is designed to educate leaders, supervisors, and managers to assess when and how lack of teamwork and/or performance issues need to be addressed. Participants will also learn how their Employee Assistance Program can provide support for both the manager and the employee so that everyone can get back to a productive day.

EAP as a Management Tool

Supervisors are in the best position to notice changes in employees' behavior and productivity. Early identification of symptoms and a referral to Human Development Company can improve job performance, job satisfaction and help retain valued employees. We will discuss recognizing when an employee may be struggling and how to make a referral to EAP. In addition, we will talk about the reasons supervisors may hesitate to confront performance issues and the best practices for ensuring a positive outcome for both the employee and the organization. Learn how to leverage the powerful resource that is your Employee Assistance Provider.

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