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Employee Assistance

(EAPs) Employee Assistance Programs serve organizations and their employees in multiple ways, ranging from individual assistance for employees and family members experiencing personal difficulties to strategic management consultations. Employees and their household family members have 24/7 access to confidential assessments, short-term counseling, crisis intervention, and if needed, referral to other resources in the community.


In general, an EAP is designed to improve and/or maintain the productivity and healthy functioning of the workplace and to address an organization's particular business needs. EAPs have proven to reduce overall costs, decrease turnover, absenteeism, health care premiums, and drug-free workplace liability while increasing employee productivity and job satisfaction.


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Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Emotional intelligence is a set of competencies that enhance the ability to relate positively to others in the workplace. People with high emotional intelligence are adept at using constructive communication. They naturally relate to others and accomplish more through encouragement and persuasion.

Your employees' ability to develop EQ competencies is key to their success, as well as the success of the organization. This exciting, in-depth 6-12-month program, including a 360° assessment, is designed to coach individuals to their best level of performance through increased self and social awareness.


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Substance Abuse

Employees with substance abuse problems are known to cause a decrease in productivity and performance, increased absenteeism and workers' comp claims, as well as elevated health care expenses for injuries and illnesses. Given the substantial liability for the employer, Human Development Company can provide the assistance required to prevent harm resulting from the use of drugs and alcohol. The following services are offered: development of policies, employee assessment, treatment referral, and follow-up care.


Preventive training is available for employees on the topic of chemical dependency issues. Additionally, supervisors will learn to recognize signs and symptoms of employees who may be under the influence or at risk with our Reasonable Suspicion course.


By offering our EAP services in combination with a Drug-Free Workplace program, you will be providing an integral element of assistance for your employees. Maintaining a drug-free workplace demonstrates an employer's willingness to promote a safe working environment. In exchange, the employer may be eligible to receive economic benefits, such as a 5% discount on their worker's compensation insurance premium.


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Training and Development

Human Development Company offers a wide range of professional training topics to enhance your team's knowledge and expertise. We focus on professional development and workplace issues, as well as personal development. Offering customized formats and varying course lengths, from single sessions to comprehensive seminars, we meet the employees' needs, as well as the necessities of the organization.


Versatile, knowledgeable, and highly engaging, our trainers are known for meeting objectives while keeping the participants' interest. Even educational courses on preventative measures, such as Drug-Free Workplace, are presented to encourage interactive and dynamic sessions.


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Crisis Management

Human Development Company offers (CISD) Critical Incident Stress Debriefing in which a counselor meets with affected employees at the worksite, following a crisis, disaster, or traumatic events, such as a robbery, accident, or fatality. Taken by surprise and shocked by an incident, individuals are often unable to handle a catastrophic situation. CISDs are a valuable tool following a traumatic event to help employees recover and gain control of their lives, both at home and at work.


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Online Work/Life

Human Development Company offers an online comprehensive Work/Life website as an added benefit to help employees balance their jobs, family, and personal responsibilities. This interactive tool enables employees and supervisors to search for information on a wide range of topics including but not limited to mental health issues, wellness, childcare, eldercare, drug and alcohol information, stress, grief, financial, legal, and workplace concerns. Supervisors may also utilize this site to refer employees for courses on such topics as communication skills, leadership, and becoming effective team members. This module is comprised of the following:

  • Assessments

  • Videos

  • Quizzes

  • Courses

  • Articles

  • Calculators


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