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Personal Development Training


Stress Management

Coping with Change

Balancing Work and Family

Every day of our lives we face events that cause us stress. Although most of these events are minor in the grand scheme of life, there are situations that clearly can be considered major sources of stress. Chronic pressure can have a detrimental effect on everything from your employee's health and relationships to their work performance and professional behavior. This workshop is designed to help your employees gain valuable strategies to manage their emotions and cope more effectively with high-pressure situations. 

Life's fluctuations can lead to an overwhelming inability to cope, potentially causing turmoil for your employees. Provide your employees and leaders with the necessary skills to navigate the very predictable nature of our reaction to change. Participants will learn the various stages of transition, as well as theories and models for effective change. Our trainers assist attendees with the development of personal and professional strategies for positive growth during times of evolution.

Most of us struggle to maintain a balance between work, family, and our own personal needs. Participants will learn to identify areas of priority in their lives and explore how to distribute their time and energy accordingly. This interactive workshop addresses how to delegate the less important tasks, as well as how to graciously say "no", when necessary. While achieving balance can initially require some mindfulness and resolve, it inevitably results in a simpler way of life. 

Dual Career


Our modern lifestyles have made it a virtual necessity in most families for both parents to work. This training will explore the challenges of juggling work, school schedules, extracurricular activities, and - how about, time for yourself? Frequent communication breakdowns occur when parents frantically attempt to coordinate who is responsible for which activity. Explore ways to minimize miscommunications and conquer time constraints to bring cooperation and order to the family dynamic. 

Parenting Skills

Even though parenting can be an enriching and wonderful experience, it can also present some unique and frustrating challenges. This interactive workshop is designed to provide coping strategies for parents with children of all ages and stages of life. Resources and sharing among participants provide a greater understanding of the issues all parents face along their journey.

Caring for Elderly Parents or Family Members

More people than ever are taking on the task of caring for their aging parents or family members. This life situation can produce real stressors on a family and can result in decreased productivity. Providing strategies, inspiration, and resources, this material is not only useful for those caring for family members in the home, but also for those who work for organizations in which compassion fatigue is a common outcome.

The Facts about Codependency

Codependency has been a widely used term to describe a person who is negatively affected by involvement with someone who is addicted to alcohol or drugs. However, research shows that this dynamic can emerge whenever certain unhealthy relational patterns exist. Attendees will explore the common characteristics of codependency, as well as healthy ways to set boundaries and change this destructive pattern, to allow for personal empowerment and growth. 

Managing Holiday Stress & Depression

While holidays can be a joyous time for many, they can also create stress and depression for some individuals. Discover ways to eliminate the pressure that festivities can cause and the frame of mind that has the tendency to alienate those of us experiencing sadness. This workshop provides participants with an opportunity to explore their beliefs, feelings, and attitudes about the upcoming holidays as well as tools for handling the season with peace, grace, and confidence. 

Assertiveness Training

Some employees may experience difficulty speaking up for themselves. Knowing the difference between being assertive and aggressive can impact the way a message is perceived. This workshop provides participants with the tools to assert their positions and needs more effectively. Additionally, they will learn how to utilize appropriate communication skills to maintain boundaries, access necessary resources, and negotiate with confidence. 

Managing Anger and Frustration

Anger and frustration, if left unchecked, can lead to a great deal of turmoil. Leaders and employees will learn to manage negative emotions more effectively so that behavior does not escalate and damage workplace relationships. Participants explore the root causes of anger and frustration in order to gain self-awareness as well as communication techniques and strategies for de-escalating potentially volatile situations. 

Emotional Wellbeing

Those who have a greater understanding and sense of emotional well-being make better employees and leaders. This workshop provides a holistic view of all the elements of a person's life and encourages them to explore their level of satisfaction. Participants will pinpoint areas of focus to increase their sense of emotional well-being in addition to exploring ideas to incorporate ease and grace into their lives.

Managing Depression

Depression is a difficult issue to discuss and even more difficult to manage if you do not have the tools and resources available. This training session provides participants with an understanding of what depression is and how symptoms can be addressed. Our trainers strive to provide consistent and up-to-date information about this prevalent condition so that productivity and emotional well-being are able to flourish. 

Coping with Grief and Loss

Grief and loss are a natural part of life, but sometimes the impact of loss can be profound and, at times, even debilitating. Understanding the stages of grief is instrumental in developing a plan for coping with these painful emotions. In addition to these insights, participants will learn about the various resources available in the community, including their employee assistance program. 

Financial Fitness

Financial stress can cause internal turmoil for employees, thereby, significantly impacting productivity. Attendees of this workshop will learn about their beliefs and attitudes related to money and the impact on their lives, both at home and on the job. In addition, they will discover techniques for communicating about money more effectively and set up a system that works with their particular situation. Simple strategies are discussed for making the most of employees' resources and keeping the topic of money more positive without the stress. 


Proper nutrition can make a significant difference in a person's quality of life - including their performance on the job! Our fun and informative workshops are designed to provide participants with the information they need to maintain proper nutrition as a part of their wellness goals.

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