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Professional Development Training


Coping with Organizational Changes

Providing Excellent Customer Service

Effective Communication Strategies

Change is a constant in today's dynamic business environment. Employees who are resistant to change can pose a real threat to a successful transition to a new way of doing business. Participants will learn how their role in the group dynamic is instrumental in making smoother and more effective transitions. Models and theories of change, interactive exercises, frank and candid discussions all lead to a clearer understanding of what your workforce needs to move forward. This workshop is available for leaders and employees, separately or together.

The idea of excellent customer service varies from person to person, so how do you make sure that everyone in your organization is on the same page? This workshop will explore the categories of customers you serve and create a clear and compelling picture of what excellent customer service means. Participants will have fun and learn more about their customers, as well as each other while strategizing effective means to ensure outstanding service.

Today, messages come at us in so many different formats that it is no wonder there are communication breakdowns and roadblocks in the workplace. The ability to communicate in a professional manner can further employees' careers and relationships in their personal lives. Attendees of this workshop learn how to communicate effectively with management and peers in a way that opens up new dialogues and pathways for human connection.

Dealing with Difficult People

Are your employees being impacted by challenging individuals in the workplace? This training gives attendees concrete techniques for dealing with difficult people by providing specific strategies to influence others toward a positive result. Participants explore how their own responses help or hinder the situation and will walk away with several applicable tactics that will make a difference in their work and personal lives.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict on the job is a universal phenomenon and, if left unchecked, can have a destructive effect on productivity, teamwork, and morale. More importantly, the manner in which conflict is addressed significantly influences whether the outcome is a constructive resolution or a continuing dispute. Dispelling the fear and discomfort people often feel when observing or being part of a conflict, this workshop focuses on ways to turn conflict into productive energy and navigate conflict effectively.

Customer Friendly Telephonic Skills

Is the telephone one of the primary ways your employees connect with customers - internally and externally? Are your employees equipped with the information and expectations they need to handle this responsibility? Participants will learn the value of their role and the expectations of your company as they serve as the primary ambassador through their telephone communication skills. Interactive and engaging elements included in this workshop are designed to give employees a deeper understanding of how to make telephone communication effective, efficient, and personable.

Emotional Intelligence

Research has shown that emotional intelligence (EQ as it is often called) is a better predictor of success than "IQ". The emotionally intelligent person exhibits such competencies as accurate self-assessment, self-control, empathy, and influence. Participants in this workshop will have an opportunity to test their EQ and learn what they can do to improve their personal and social competence for better opportunities at work and at home.

Motivational Techniques

Has creativity plunged to an unprecedented low in your department? Does it appear that inspiration and imagination have disappeared from what once was an enthusiastic environment? Attendees of this workshop will learn skills such as overcoming procrastination, filtering negative and cynical thoughts, and, yes, even leaving the proverbial "comfort zone". Discovering what keeps them motivated and how to maintain and nurture that drive, participants will invariably improve productivity, both at work and in other settings.

Advancing in a Competitive Workplace

Do your employees feel they cannot compete, stand out, or thrive in a workplace that is crowded with great people? This workshop will teach the participants how to be at their best and how to maneuver into a position for greater opportunities through a series of thought-provoking and idea-generating activities. Attendees will gain a better understanding of the qualities one needs to advance in the workplace and will explore and harness communication styles, professionalism, decision-making, and conflict resolution strategies.

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